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Anel Jazybayeva


Anel is a third-year BA student from Kazakhstan, majoring in Communications and minoring in New Media. 

 "TRUSU Taxation Club is a wonderful initiative that allows students to gain valuable experience and knowledge about Canadian tax system, as well as provides opportunity to network with your peers, faculty members and industry proffesionals" - Anel says.    

Anel is passionate about student success and believes that Taxation Club is great way to implement her passion, knowledge and experience while giving back to the community. 


Maria Bubnova

Training Coordinator

Maria Bubnova is a Post-Baccalaureate Accounting student in her third year. She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.
She has over 10 years experience in taxation from her home country. She started her professional career in Canada by volunteering in our club in the 2022 tax season. In the summer of 2022, she did an internship at KPMG and will return there in May 2023 to work full-time.
In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Albina Leskiv

Director Of Marketing and Communications

Albina is a third-year BBA international student from Ukraine. She started her work in
TRUSU Taxation Club in Winter 2022 semester. She is a creative and communicative person.

Albina joined the club to help manage our social media accounts and is responsible for the creative part.
During her free time, Albina likes travelling and playing volleyball.


Sidak Kaur

Head of Administrations

Our 2023-24 Core team

tax club.jpeg

Sidak is from India and currently she is in the third year of post baccalaureate in accounting at TRU. She joined the tax club in the previous year as a volunteer to gain valuable experience. Sidak

loves to travel and like to indulge in creative activities and games in her free time. She likes to learn new things and welcome the opportunities that I get. Sidak believes hard work and smart work go together in the journey to success.

Azmaeen A Aupar

Director Of Training

Azmaeen completed his graduation from a university in Japan and worked there for two years. He found passion for accounting and decided to move to Kamloops to study accounting. Moving here, he completed an eight month work term at KPMG LLP. In his free time, he loves to explore the wilderness by hiking, kayaking and enjoys horse riding.

AUPAR, Azmaeen Photo ID.jpg

Shelly Garg

Head Of Operation

Her name is Shelly Garg. She is from India and a fours-year bachelor's student in computer science. As a computer science student, Shelly is interested in cyber security and has taken relevant courses such as ethical hacking and computer network security and was on the Dean's list  for the semester winter 2022.

She initially volunteered with TRUSU Taxation Club in the winter of 2022. Shelly was researching the Canadian taxation system when she came across TRU's taxation club, which provided her with the opportunity to learn about Canadian taxes. To further increase her knowledge about this she has enrolled in a "Federal Income tax" course with H&R Block. With this course Shelly will be able to prepare most T 1 tax returns. 

Md Mojahidul Islam

Head Of Operation

He loves numbers (He is not very good with it thought). However, compared to other subjects, Mojahidul belives he can do better studying accounting, hence he is doing PGD in accounting at TRU. For hobbies Mojahidul loves playing video games but gaming as an adult can be quite difficult. 5 minutes into a multiplayer match and he realizes that the opponents have had 100s of hours of practice while he is there only for a weekend.


Hetvi Bhatt

Head Of Operations

Hetvi Bhatt is from Ahmedabad, India pursuing post baccalaureate in Finance program in TRU. Learning new things have always been her curiosity, which led her to take active participation in this club. Hetvi has been a part of tax clinic sessions held by Taxation club. She is excited to be a part of this community and serve people in a best possible manner. 

Aibiike Alymova

Head Of Marketing

Aibiike is a third-year Communications and New Media student. She’s from Kyrgyzstan. Aibiike was a client of the Taxation Club in 2022 and she saw the passion and the dedication that all members of the club, so she decided to join her self.  Marketing and content creation is passion of hers. One of her hobbies is film photography; she goes out with friends on little photo shoots. 


Veronika Suprunova

Head Of Training

Veronika Suprunova is a third-year BBA international student from Russia. Majoring in Supply Chain Management and minoring in Finance.
In the Winter of 2023, she started volunteering at the TRUSU Taxation Club helping file students' tax returns. She likes the taxation club team and is excited to join as a Head Of Training. She wants to share her experience and knowledge about filing tax returns with other students who are also passionate about Canadian taxes. She believes that this club provides an excellent platform for engaging with like-minded individuals who are driven towards achieving their goals. 
In her free time, she likes skiing, hiking, cooking and photography. 

Mustayeen Sharaf

My name is Mustayeen Sharaf from the country of Bangladesh. I arrived in Canada in the fall of 2021 to study in Thompson Rivers University to study the MBA program. The last two years I have been working as a supervisor of the security company Vadium inc. My hobbies include learning new information and playing video games. I decided to join the TRUSU Taxation club because of my time as a student coming to an end. The last two years I was busy with working and other activities so I was not able to do more as a student and I felt that now that my time is nearing to an end I would like to join a club such as the taxation club to really give myself an interesting end. I have experience in my organization to manage operations and I feel like I can put those skills to good use in this club.

Pulkit Advani photo.jpg

Pulkit Advani

Pulkit Advani is pursuing a Post Bachelor Diploma in Finance at Thompson Rivers University with a focus on Finance and Taxation. My hobbies include staying updated on financial market trends and discussing taxation strategies. Joining the Taxation Club aligns with my interests, offering networking opportunities and practical insights. I applied for the Head of Operations position to utilize my background as a taxation attorney in India, aiming to ensure the club's smooth functioning and organize informative events for members' growth in taxation.

Gurnoor Khosa 

As a third-year BBA student with an aspiration to become a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), I have not only embraced my academic journey but also cultivated a passion for the world of finance and accounting. I am from a  small town called Squamish, BC which led me to take up snowboarding as a hobby since Squamish is surrounded by well-known slopes. For the past two years, I've dedicated some of my time as a volunteer for the Taxation Club, where I've had the privilege of promoting tax awareness and financial literacy. This year, I'm thrilled to take on a more substantial role within the team, where I aspire to be a source of support and knowledge, helping others navigate through taxation . My journey is not just about academic success; it's about giving back, growing professionally, and making a positive impact.

thumbnail_Anika Jovner 2.jpg

Anika Jovner

Anika is a third-year BBA student from South Africa, pursuing a major in Accounting. 

She is actively involved in the university and believes the tax club provides valuable resources to students. Anika is excited to be able to give back to the community through the Head of Operations position. 

During her free time, Anika enjoys being outside and spending time with friends.

Jyoti Rastogi

She is a Post Bac. in finance student at TRU, hailing from Delhi, India. I have always been passionate about understanding the intricate world of taxation. Beyond my academic pursuits, I find great joy in exploring the world of photography, hiking in the great outdoors, dancing and volunteering at university. Joining the Taxation Club was a natural choice for me, as it allowed me to combine my academic interests with my desire to positively impact my community. I decided to pursue the role of Head of Administration at the Taxation Club because I believe in the club's mission and its potential to make a meaningful impact. As someone with a strong organizational and administrative skillset, I saw this position as an opportunity to contribute significantly to the club's success.

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