Our 2021-22 Core team

Pooneh Haghighi


Pooneh comes from Tehran, Iran and she is a second-year post Baccalaureate Accounting student. She believes like other things it is important to share the knowledge you have in a way to  help other people. Because of that she joined the club in her second semester of her study as a volunteer to learn more about Canadian Tax system and to help other TRU students. “ Taxation club is the best place to network with great sponsors, improve your personal skills and get a great experience in technical skills” Pooneh said. 

In her free time, she loves practicing yoga and swimming and spending time with her friends. 


Sarthak Mahajan

Vice President

Sarthak Mahajan who is currently in 2nd year of my Post-Baccalaureate diploma in Finance and hails from New Delhi, India.
He was a part of Fall 2019 and Winter 2020's Dean list.
He has also participated in previous Virtual tax clinic session and formerly held the position of Head of Administration since June 2020 with club. He is currently on his Co-op work with BCLC as a Finance Co-op.

In free time, he likes to work out and go for a swim.

Anel Jazybayeva

Head Of Communications


Anel is a first-year BA student from Kazakhstan, majoring in Communications and minoring in New Media. 

Anel joined TRUSU Taxation Club as a volunteer in fall 2021 to learn more about the Canadian Tax system and help students and low-income individuals file their tax forms. This year she has joined the club's team as a Head of Communications. She is excited about adding value to the organization, entering a strong team, and getting valuable experience. 

Anel is looking forward to creating engaging content, helping people with their taxes, and building effective communication.

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Marina Radushynska

Director Of Marketing and Communications

Marina is a  fourth-year BBA international student from Ukraine, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Supply Chain.


She was a TRUSU Taxation Club's client when it was founded in 2017 and was impressed by the staff's professionalism and dedication. She decided to join the club as a Head of Communications because she believes in the power of customer service and communications as a fundamental asset for any organization.


During her free time, Marina enjoys travelling the world and volunteering for community service projects. She is delighted to join the team of young professionals at TRU and help students and low-income individuals file their taxes.

Mariya Semernya

Director Of Training

Mariya is a third-year international student from Kazakhstan, majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance. 

She was volunteering for TRUSU Taxation Club last year and really enjoyed helping students with filling their tax returns.

This year she got a chance to be taking part in TRUSU Taxation Club as a Head of Training. Mariya  is very excited to bring value to the club and help more students to fill out taxes and advise with any further questions. 

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Head Of Training

Ekta is a Post-Baccalaureate Accounting student in her second year. She was born and raised in India's capital, Delhi. Ekta is very curious about herself, and she is still exploring her various hobbies. She missed the excitement of student life during her previous schooling, so she returns to university after a long break to offer herself another chance. She believes that student life is the most beautiful time of one's life, and that it should be cherished.

She joined the TRUSU taxation club to assist volunteers in learning the criteria for paying taxes and the rewards that come with doing so. She believes she is skilled at conveying the concepts of why we are completing tasks because she has taught many students during her career. She also feels that teaching others allows us to learn more, thus the tax club is the best platform to share knowledge.

Her interests include self-study, teaching, sleeping, conversing with elderly people about their experiences, and assisting those in need.

Aarti Jha

Head Of Training

Aarti is from New Delhi, India and she is a Post Baccalaureate Accounting Student at TRU. She loves travelling and firmly believes that travelling improves the overall personality of any individual and improves the multiple horizons of an individual. She keeps trying things out of her

comfort zone which made her land in Canada leaving her family back for her professional growth.



She believes learning has no age and everyone should always keep on learning. This belief of hers made her join the TRUSU Taxation Club as a Head of Training in Winter, 2022 so that she can not only learn more about the Canadian Accounting & Taxation system but can pass her knowledge to more volunteers who can further help other students and low-income individuals in filing their tax forms. She is excited about becoming a part of this strong volunteering team and getting valuable experience.


Albina Leskiv

Head Of Marketing

Albina is a first-year BBA international student from Ukraine. She started her work in
TRUSU Taxation Club in Winter 2022 semester. She is a creative and communicative person.

Albina joined the club to help manage our social media accounts and is responsible for the creative part.
During her free time, Albina likes travelling and playing volleyball.

Komal Bawa

 Director Of Administration

Komal is a second-year MBA student from Himachal Pradesh, India.

She joined the taxation club as a volunteer in an event in 2021 and this year and she got a chance to be the Head of Administration for the club. She believes that a positive approach to life is the key to all problems. She loves exploring new places and likes to paint in her leisure time.  Komal is excited about the new experiences and believes that she will be a valuable source to the team.

Pratyush Damani

Head Of Operations

Pratyush is a third year Bachelor of Business Administration Student from India, who is majoring in accounting and minoring in Project management.
Pratyush joined TRUSU Taxation Club as the Head of Operations to get an in-depth understanding of the taxation system in Canada and help students in filing their taxes. He would also help in organizing and supervising all the club's activities and events. He is a strong team player and is thrilled to be a part of the TRUSU Taxation club.
Pratyush spends his free time looking for opportunities in the stock market and loves spending quality time with his friends.

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Levent Ogeturk

Head Of Operations

Levent is originally from Istanbul, Turkey but grew up in New York. Levent completed his bba in finance with honors and currently pursuing postbaccalaureate diploma in international business. He has experience in risk audit, brokerage, sales and ecommerce. He joined the taxation club to learn more about the Canadian taxation system and to help his fellow classmates. He enjoys collaborating with his class mates and discussing business  ideas.


He is passionate about the markets and tennis. Since being at Tru cooking has became a new hobby of his. In his free time Levent likes to stay active whether it be going to the gym, hiking or snowboarding.

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