Our Core team

Raghul Jayram


Raghul is a Post Baccalaureate Finance Student at TRU who has a knack for taxation. As a volunteer in the previous Tax Session, Raghul believes that with a combination of Passion, Teamwork & Hardwork, the Club can reach unimaginable heights!

Ekaterina maiasova

Vice President & Head of Volunteer's

Ekaterina is doing 3rd year BBA accounting. She admires the hard work of the board as well as the volunteers and believe that the dedication gets paid off. On her free time, she likes to travel. Usually, she just goes for a hike, or if possible, travel to their countries. She has already visited 14 countries and plans to double that amount. 

Swagatam Majumdar

Founding President

The brains behind the formation of the club, Swagatam saw the opportunity to give TRU Students a platform to not just grow their skills and taxation knowledge, but also use the same to help the student community!! 

Julieth Baracaldo A

Head of Communications

Julieth comes from Bogotá, Colombia & is currently enrolled in the accounting program. She also enjoys her work as a tax professional in an accounting firm and as part of Intercultural ambassadors team in TRU.

Being part of the club has allowed her to learn not only technical skills but also personal skills and abilities, so valued on corporate life while working with amazing people and serving her beloved Kamloops community.

Aarush Shori

Head of Training

Aarush loves the opportunity to give back to the TRU community. Aarush believes that the club makes him think out of the box. The challenging work keeps him motivated and has polished his leadership skills. As a Head of Training, Aarush is focused on implementing improved techniques of guiding the new volunteers with filing taxes and keeping them motivated for giving back to the community.

Dev Shah

Head of Marketing

Dev is a First-Year Post Baccalaureate Marketing Student. He loves all things marketing and learning new skills. With a knack for technology, he loves making content and is passionate about volunteering.

Dev loves the benefits that the club provides to the student community & hopes to see the club grow to even greater heights!

Parth Bajaj

Head of Administration

Parth is a Post Baccalaureate student in Accounting and it's his 2nd year working with the club.
He finds the club to be a brilliant platform to make new friends, build connections and get experience for your future prospects.
He recommends everyone who may find it helpful to join this club.
Parth finds that the club has taught him about implementation. Because however great your idea is, in the end, it's always about implementation.

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