Our 2021-22 Core team

Pooneh Hagigi


Pooneh comes from Tehran, Iran and she is a second-year post Baccalaureate Accounting student. She believes like other things it is important to share the knowledge you have in a way to  help other people. Because of that she joined the club in her second semester of her study as a volunteer to learn more about Canadian Tax system and to help other TRU students. “ Taxation club is the best place to network with great sponsors, improve your personal skills and get a great experience in technical skills” Pooneh said. 

In her free time, she loves practicing yoga and swimming and spending time with her friends. 


Sarthak Mahajan

Vice President

Sarthak Mahajan who is currently in 2nd year of my Post-Baccalaureate diploma in Finance and hails from New Delhi, India.
He was a part of Fall 2019 and Winter 2020's Dean list.
He has also participated in previous Virtual tax clinic session and formerly held the position of Head of Administration since June 2020 with club. He is currently on his Co-op work with BCLC as a Finance Co-op.

In free time, he likes to work out and go for a swim.

Denisha Parekh

Head Of Marketing

She is from India, second year of post baccalaureate of Marketing.


Joining the club as a volunteer exposed her of a great experience of learning practical tax knowledge and networking. She was a part Dean's list 2019 and 2020. She completed my Co-op as Marketing Coordinator at Quality Inn by Choice Hotels Canada in April 2021. Working as a head of Marketing with the club’s executive team provides me this chance to improve my technical and team working skills a long side of my knowledge.

She likes hanging out with friends, reading books, and watch movies in my free time.

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Marina is a  fourth-year BBA international student from Ukraine, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Supply Chain.


She was a TRUSU Taxation Club's client when it was founded in 2017 and was impressed by the staff's professionalism and dedication. She decided to join the club as a Head of Communications because she believes in the power of customer service and communications as a fundamental asset for any organization.


During her free time, Marina enjoys travelling the world and volunteering for community service projects. She is delighted to join the team of young professionals at TRU and help students and low-income individuals file their taxes.

Marina Radushynska

Head Of Communications

Mariya Semernya

Head Of Training

Mariya is a third-year international student from Kazakhstan, majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance. 

She was volunteering for TRUSU Taxation Club last year and really enjoyed helping students with filling their tax returns.

This year she got a chance to be taking part in TRUSU Taxation Club as a Head of Training. Mariya  is very excited to bring value to the club and help more students to fill out taxes and advise with any further questions. 


Diksha Aggarwal

Head Of Training

Diksha is a second year Post Baccalaureate student majoring in Accounting.

Tax and numbers have always been her passion. Taxation club has always been helpful to students and she has joined the Taxation club as Head of Training.


Diksha cannot wait to help students with their taxes and add real value to the club. 

Sahil Madan

Head Of Operations

Sahil is a second year MBA international student from India. He joined the tax club as a volunteer and was amazed with the club’s activities and the learning opportunities.

He has always been very inclined towards finance and taxation and for someone like him, The Tax Club is the place to be.


Sahil is looking forward to helping people with their taxes and is glad to join the team as Head of Operations.